About me

I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve been practicing various arts for years, but since I discoverd mosaic its been my prominent art. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"The mosaic allows for creative freedom with a veraity of meterials which allows enriching fuctional objects into works of art.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" My inspiration sources are my day to day inner feelings and my family. There are two sides to my creations: modern side which is expressed by using strong and rich colors, naive elements like flowers and kids, and a classical side, which is expressed by soft colors and oriental patterns. All my mosaic art includes aesthetic, acurate and clean lines. I work from my house , and available for personal and custom made mosaic works.

The Work Process

The mosaic work is done in parts. First a personal meeting with the client in which format, meterial and colors are chosen, in a case of a table the types of legs need to be chosen - either casting or metalworking. After the meeting a sketch is made along with a price offer. Once approved the work begins: carpenting, metalwork, cutting the ceramics and other meterials acurretly or randomly, pasting with the correct glue and finally filling with grout which is the filling in between the mosiac parts. The grout complates the piece and creates the beauty of the practical art.